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Deputy of Investment Planning and Development

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Name and surname: Tayebeh Nikpai
Position: Deputy of Investment Planning and Development
Father's name: Ahmad Ali
Place of birth: Khorramabad
Phone: 06633208314
Internal: -
Work address: Khorramabad - Bahman Square - Valiasr St. - North Shahid Shafipour Boulevard - next to the Municipal Cooperation Organization

Educational background

University name Field of Study degree of education Row
Allameh Tabatabaei University Economical science Bachelor 1
Karaj Research Institute System management and planning MA 2

work experience

Up to date from Service location Position Row
yet 1399 Abfa Lorestan Deputy of Investment Planning and Development 1
1399 1394 Abfa Lorestan Head of Customer Service 2
1394 1389 Abfa Lorestan Deputy of Planning and Human Resources 3
1389 1386 Abfa Lorestan Program and Budget Office Manager 4
1386 1384 Abfa Lorestan Head of Plans, Budget and Credits 5
1374 1372 Abfa Lorestan programming expert 6
yet 1394 Abfa Lorestan Alternate member of the company's board of directors 7

Experimental records and training course

course title Row
English language and taking courses at a sufficient level 2
Familiarity with renewable energy 3
Explaining the instructions and training workshop for growth and promotion 4
Educational planning and technology 5
Evaluator training and familiarization with the EFOM model for preparing statements 6
Self-evaluation of the provincial water and sewage company based on the EFOM model 7
Productivity Management Course 8
Educational technology course 9
operation management 10
Economic assessment and environmental impacts of water systems development (water industry specific) 11
Seminar on the implementation of Article 44 of the Constitution in the water and electricity industry 12
Costing and Budgeting Accountant Course 13
Job classification and evaluation plan course 14
Healthy relationships between husband and wife 15
Experiences Documentation Course 16
Familiarization course for women with personal, social and administrative rights 17
Work and time evaluation period 18
Participatory Management 19
knowledge management 20
Empowering methods to improve the consumption pattern of rural women 21
The role of women and counseling in the age of knowledge-based civilization 22
NLP and its role in the psychological patterns of managers and employees 23
Familiarity with the principles and concepts of jihadi culture and management 24
Awareness of energy consumption management 25
Familiarity with the law of general calculations 26
ACOUrseOnTheCosfQuality 28
INTERATIONALSTUDYTOURONTechnicalwaterandwastewaterlnnovations 29
TRAININGCOURSEONCOStRecoveryandsubsidiesforwaterServiceproviders 30
InternaIAUditorQualitymanagementSystemTrainingcourse,BasedOnISO9001:2008 31
QualityManagement 32
AuditorTrainingcourseISO9001:2000 33

Membership in committees or working groups

Title of committee or working group Row
Executive Committee for Training of Water and Wastewater Engineering Company 1
Outsourcing working group of Iran Water and Sewerage Engineering Company 2
The work of the review team of the comprehensive budgeting system of water and sewage companies 3
Human Resources Working Group of Iran Water and Sewerage Engineering Company 4
Passive Defense Committee 5
Real estate, technical and operation 6
Management Development Commission 7
Crisis management and passive defense 8
Administrative Transformation Committee 9
Water Committee without revenue 10
Security and information technology 11
Evaluation, classification and evaluation system coordination committee 12
Bachelor of Economic Cost of Water and Sewage Disposal Services 13
Secretary of Performance Management Committee 14
Council for enjoining the good and forbidding the evil 15
Welfare and wellness 16
Workshop protection and hygiene 17
Development of e-government and smartening of management structure and technologies 18
Administrative health and protection of people's rights 19
Human Capital 20
Energy 21
Sub-system of suggestions 22
Sport 23

Areas under supervision

name position Internal Phone
mohammad karim rezaei Director of the control office of plans and project management   06633208314
siamak parhizghar Director of Planning and Budget Office   06633208314
Ali Maaref Director of the Office of Productivity Improvement and Sustainable Development   06633208314
Ladan Masoudi Director of the Office of Investment, Equipping Financial Resources and Developing Partnerships   06633208314


  1. Necessary planning in order to carry out field activities and improve productivity and improve management
  2. Preparing and setting goals and formulating periodic programs in coordination with other parts of the companyand Prioritize plans and programs and submit to operating management
  3. Developing methods and policies, determining and evaluating existing systems and designing new systems in order to achieve the company's goals
  4. Collecting, analyzing information and updating statistics and information within the framework of the company's duties and responsibilities
  5. Review of plans and programs, Coordinating with the goals and policies set to make suggestions for reform and If necessary, combine plans and programs
  6. Investigating the financial capacities, executive and personnel facilities in order to perform the necessary priorities in formulating the company's programs.
  7. Monitoring implemented programs and Development of indicators and criteria for evaluating programs and operations and Determining the standard deviation in order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of executive methods and Finally, a proposal to reform the executive operation
  8. Carrying out activities related to the review of advanced and uniform systems and methods of operation and operations
  9. Creating and launching the required systems and upgrading the management information systems, promoting the mechanization of the systems, integrating and integrating information in order to create a database
  10. Collaborate in reviewing practical strategies for outsourcing activities
  11. Operational planning, preparation and adjustment of annual budget, development of indicators and criteria for the program and proposing studies related to areas of work
  12. Preparation of specifications and results of applied research, creating the necessary ground for attracting relevant specialists and experts in conducting research.


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