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history of the company

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2-1- Establishment and start of the company's activity

2-2- The subject and purpose of the company

2-3- Company Center

2-4- Company capital

2-5- Pillars of the company

2-6- The main members of the board of directors

2-1- Establishment and start of the company's activity

Pursuant to Article 1 of the Law on the Establishment of Water and Sewerage Companies, approved on 11/10/1369 on 28/4/1372, Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company (Private Joint Stock Company) for the establishment and operation of urban water distribution and distribution facilities and facilities related to collection, transfer and treatment The total level of sewage in Lorestan province was formed and started operating with the following objectives


2-2- The subject and purpose of the company

The main activities of the company according to Article 1 of the Articles of Association are:

A- Operation of facilities related to the supply and distribution of municipal water after the catchment, such as treatment plants, pumping stations, transmission lines, well sources, control systems and distribution networks.

B- Operation of sewage collection and disposal networks.

C- Implementation of networks related to urban water distribution.

D- Execution of wastewater collection, transfer and treatment plans.

E- Implementation of water supply and transfer projects according to Note 3 of Article 1 of the above law.

F- Investing and participating in institutions and companies that are related to the goals and tasks of the company, in order to improve the quality and quantity of the company's activities.

G- Carrying out research and training in line with the goals of the company and in coordination with the planning of the Water and Sewerage Company of the country 0

H- Forming new companies based on Note (2) of Article 1 of the above law

I- The company can establish branches or representative offices or support offices with the consent of the chairman of the general assembly in the cities and regions of its area of ​​operation.

J- The service area of ​​Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company is the legal scope of the cities covered.

K- The duration of the company history is unlimited

Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company has legal personality and financial independence and its affairs are managed according to the law of formation of water and sewerage companies and the provisions of the company's articles of association and its head office is located in Khorramabad city, Kyo-Blvd.

2-3 Company Capital

The capital of the company is equal to 100 million Rials, which is divided into one thousand shares with the name of one hundred thousand Rials, and the list of shareholders and the number and percentage of shares of each of them are as follows:

Municipalities of Lorestan province 490 shares 49 /. Percent - Water and Sewerage Engineering Company 480 shares 48 /. Percent and Saba Investment Company 30 shares 3 /. 0 percent


2-4- Pillars of the company
A) General Assembly: which is chaired by the Minister of Energy or its authorized representative.

B) Board of Directors: Composed of three main members (one of whom must be the CEO and two alternate members).

C) Managing Director: is the highest executive official of the company and the executor of the approvals of the board of directors.

D) Inspector: The General Assembly shall appoint a Chief Inspector and, if necessary, a Substitute Inspector for a term of one year.

2-5- The main members of the board of directors

 1- Mr. Hamidreza Karamvand: Chairman of the Board and CEO

2- Mr. Taher Fallahnejad: The main member of the board

3- Tayebeh Nikpai: Alternate member of the board

4- Esfandiar Basiri: Alternate member of the board

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