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Portal update instructions

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Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company

Portal update instructions
Purpose: The purpose of preparing this instruction is to provide a simple and transparent procedure for updating the company's portal, which while maintaining confidentiality in providing information, to maintain the integrity and accuracy of information and facilitate its presentation.

Scope of application: All units of baba Province Water and Sewerage Company, which are responsible for inserting the content of the portal and updating it.

Responsibility: The implementation of this instruction is the responsibility of the Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology and all units that are responsible for updating parts of the portal or sub-portals and in case of any violations, in accordance with the disciplinary procedures of the Water and Sewerage Company with The offender will be dealt with.


Content author: The person who is responsible for creating content, entering the site and updating it.

Content verifier: The person who is responsible for checking the accuracy and precision of the content created by the author, coordinating it with the site's goals and announcing the necessary warnings to the author to edit it and finally approving the content.

Website Administrator: A person who is responsible for maintaining and managing the website and is responsible for monitoring the performance of other units in inserting and updating its content.

Review: This document should be reviewed annually or as needed.

 Execution steps:


Row Responsible Description of activity
1 Managers of responsible units Introducing the author and approving the content
  In each of the units in charge of sub-portals or parts of the main portal, the unit manager is the content approver and is obliged to introduce the person who wrote the content through the letter of introduction form and the portal update commitment letter.
The full responsibility of the content inserted in the sections specified in the form is the responsibility of the unit manager and the person introduced by the manager.
2 Webmaster Grant access and training
Granting access to the author and approver of the content is done according to the executive method of access control.
The webmaster must grant approved access and make the necessary arrangements to provide training to unit representatives.
2 Managers of responsible units Disconnect between author and content approver
All units of the company are obliged to immediately notify the Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology as soon as they move, disconnect from work, take long leave or any reason that causes non-service by the author or approver of the content, in order to block levels. Give them access.
If the relevant unit does not inform in time, all the consequences and problems will be the responsibility of the manager of that unit.
4 Content writers / endorsers The process of inserting and updating content
1.Request to insert or update content by the requester
2.Check the content in terms of accuracy and coordination with the goals of the site and if necessary edit it by the verifier
3.Insert and display content on the website by the content author, if approved
4.In some sections of the website, including the news portal, the content posted by the author will be displayed on the site only after final approval by the verifier.
5 Webmaster Documentation, monitoring and control
1.Documentation of sub-portals and main portals is done by the webmaster using the portal / sub-portal identification form.
2.All changes in the structure of portals and sub-portals are done according to the executive method of change management.
3.The webmaster is obliged to check the performance of the units in charge of the different sections of the portal on a weekly basis in terms of updating the content and complete the relevant checklist and, if necessary, submit the required reports to the director of the Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology.
4.The history of all changes made to the structure or content of the portal should be automatically recorded and maintained.
6 Webmaster / Content Writers / Affiliates Webmasters and content writers are required to comply with the following when posting content on the portal:
1.All content documentation must be maintained by the content authors.
2.All users of the website must protect their password and it is the responsibility of the person to disclose it.
3.Users are only allowed to upload files in the following formats and sizes:
4.pdf with a maximum volume of 5M
5.jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, gif, png with a maximum volume of 1M
6.Mp4 with a maximum volume of 20M
7.All images should be saved for the web as much as possible.
8.Expired information must be removed from the portal with the approval of the verifier.
9.Each unit is only allowed to upload content related to its sub-portal or related section.
9.Each unit is required to prepare frequently asked questions related to its section and place them on the site.
10.Content writers should include keywords and meta descriptions related to each content in the relevant field. (Keywords should be completely relevant to the subject of the content and can be listed as three consecutive words.




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