Wednesday 29 May 2024

Website Partnership Strategy

نسخه مناسب چاپارسال توسط ایمیلنسخه PDF


Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company tries its best to achieve organizational goals in the field of water and sewage so that it can provide customer satisfaction by providing better services.

1- In the field of the quality of its services, this company has developed a completely separate and integrated electronic service desk, which has been provided to the dear subscribers in order to improve the provision of services and reduce time.
2- In this website, all the required standards including efficiency, transparency, quality of website services, website accessibility, and information availability have been created.
3- Improving the methods of providing services and informing the clients through the site has been created and has always been considered by the officials of this organization.
4- In order to provide better service, eliminate shortcomings and receive users' opinions, we have provided the possibility of surveys and complaints at the service level on the site.
5. In the company portal, there is a statement of privacy and a statement of the level of service agreement.

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