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Deputy Customer Service and Revenue

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Name and surname: nader bahrami
Position: Head of customer service and revenue support
Father's name: Abbas
Place of birth: Khorramabad
Phone: 06633240763
Fax: 066633240763
Internal: 253
Work address: Khorramabad - Bahman Square - Valiasr St. - North Shahid Shafipour Boulevard - next to the Municipal Cooperation Organization

Educational background

University name Field of Study degree of education Row
Technical Faculty of the Ministry of Energy - Isfahan Civil engineering-water and sewage Associate degree 1
Khorramabad Azad University  Construction-Construction Masters 2

work experience

Up to date from Service location Position Row
1384 1380 Khorramabad Responsible for the installation unit 1
1386 1384 State Expert in sewage treatment plants 2
1388 1386 state Chairman of the Islamic Council of the company 3
1397 1386 Delfan Director of Delfan city 4
1399 1397 state Responsible for coordination and follow-up of the CEO's office 5
1402 1400 state Chairman of the Islamic Council of the company 6
1401 1399 koohdasht Koohdasht water and sewage manager 7
1402 1401 state Advisor to CEO 8

Experimental records and training course

course title Row
Training workshop on knowledge of sewerage facilities and networks in Germany 1
Applied management course in Mehrshahr Karaj 2
Training course on building supervision of the building of Imran Khaneh, Tehran 3
Crisis and passive defense training course 4

 Membership in committees or working groups

Title of committee or working group Row
Member of the job classification plan committee 1
Member of the company's disciplinary committee 2
Member of the housing committee of the company 3
Member of the non-operating defense committee of the company 4
Member of the board of directors committee 5
Member of the provincial crisis committee 6
Member of the provincial sports committee 7
Member of the claims collection committee 8
Member of technical committee of Delfan city 9
Member of the Water Resources Protection Committee of Delfan and Kohdasht 10
Member of the Labor Dispute Resolution Council of Lorestan Province 11
Vice Chairman of the Board of Islamic Labor Councils of Lorestan Province 12
Membership of Lorestan Province Engineering System Organization 13
Membership of Basij engineers of Lorestan province 14
Member of the Cultural Council of Abfa Company of Lorestan Province 15
Member of the Article 22 Committee of the Labor Department of Lorestan Province 16
Membership of the Executive Board of the Lorestan Province Worker's House 17

Areas under supervision

name position Internal Phone
Mohammad Reza Malekzadeh Director of the office of monitoring income and collection of claims 270 33225804-33225805
Mohammd Hossein Saki Norouzi Director of Customer Service Office 270 33225804-33225805
Yaser Fathi Director of Tariff Implementation and Execution Office   33225804-33225805


  1. Determining the goals, strategies and policies of the unit according to the approvals of the company's management and related regulations.
  2. Reviewing and reviewing the operating systems of different units and creating appropriate feedback in order to optimize them and eliminate existing bottlenecks.
  3. Review and review of operating systems in order to evaluate, control and follow up the programs of different units.
  4. Cooperation in planning and supplying the required manpower of the unit under supervision.
  5. Preparation and adjustment of operational plans of different units based on general approved management plans.
  6. Monitoring and controlling the implementation of programs by different units in order to ensure their compliance with the objectives and programs set and follow up the causes of deviations from the relevant programs.
  7. Provide methods and suggestions to increase the quality and quantity of products and services provided and reduce unit costs.
  8. Supervise and control the preparation and development of required methods and instructions based on national and international standards.
  9. Refer to operational units to control and evaluate how programs are implemented.
  10. Review and approve invoices and expenses incurred in different units.
  11. Control of optimal use and optimal use of financial, specialized resources and human resources in different units.
  12. Reviewing statistics and analyzing information and providing advisory opinions for the correct and logical use of the company's potential resources.
  13. Attending the meetings of the deputies in order to follow up and resolve the issues of the company and the unit under its supervision.
  14. Participate in specialized meetings and present reports, statistics, budget and planning within the framework of the company's activities.
  15. Reviewing and comparing the activities of the company and analyzing their economic effectsand Prepare explanatory reports to describe the strengths and weaknesses of each and provide appropriate suggestions and plans.
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