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Participation strategy

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Statement of Public Participation Strategy of the Ministry of Energy

The Ministry of Energy, as the custodian of the supply, transmission and distribution of safe and hygienic drinking water and the production of safe and sustainable electricity for the use of various sectors and individuals in the country; In order to formulate goals, programs and activities related to the water and electricity industry, it is obliged to try to obtain public participation as much as possible and in this regard, outline its policy as follows, and monitor the performance of companies and subsidiary institutions. To:

Attracting the participation and satisfaction of the people at the highest possible level and trying to fully comply with the Charter of Citizenship Rights in the field of duties and activities of the Ministry of Energy
Development of trust and social capital in the system of governance and management of water and energy resources through respect for the rights of citizens and the exercise of their social rights and efforts to provide physical, mental, psychological and social health of individuals in areas related to water and electricity industry
Comprehensive information and education and culture of optimal water and energy consumption; With the aim of raising the awareness of employees, subscribers and stakeholders about their individual duties and social responsibilities towards society and attracting public participation.
Clarify and provide a platform for the participation of all stakeholders in policy-making, decision-making and implementation of policies and plans, by using appropriate tools of electronic participation, and utilizing the consulting capacity of people and non-governmental organizations.
Facilitate free and comprehensive access to water and energy information
 Improving accountability for the consequences of the decisions and activities of the Ministry of Energy on the environment and society; In line with organizational social responsibility.
Measuring the level of satisfaction of employees and subscribers from receiving services in a period of one year, regularly, in order to provide services in a more appropriate way
Considering the necessary arrangements in order to collect and exploit the opinions, suggestions and criticisms of employees, subscribers and stakeholders in order to satisfy the subscribers of the water and electricity industry, within the framework of laws and regulations.
All employees, managers, consultants, contractors and stakeholders are expected to work with practical commitment to the above, to provide the ground for its realization in the Ministry of Energy and all subsidiaries and companies active in the water and electricity industry.

Minister of Energy

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