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Vision and Mission

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Company Vision:
Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company intends to use efficient human resources, develop advanced technology research, have an effective administrative and managerial structure and private sector participation to act in such a way that members of the province's urban community to national and international standards for drinking water Adequate and safe and facilities for collection, transfer and sanitary treatment of wastewater and be a leader in protecting the environment and water resources and providing public health of the citizens of the province.
Company Mission:
Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company was established based on the Law on the Establishment of Water and Sewerage Companies dated 11/06/1369 of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. The main activity of the company is in accordance with Article (2) of the company's articles of association.
Article (2): Subject and purpose of the company: Establishment of urban water distribution and distribution facilities and facilities related to wastewater collection, transfer and treatment, as well as operation of urban water supply and distribution facilities and facilities related to collection, transfer and Wastewater treatment will be the responsibility of the company as follows:
A: Operation of facilities related to the supply and distribution of municipal water after dewatering, such as treatment plants, pumping stations, transmission lines, well sources, control systems and distribution networks
B: Operation of sewage collection and transmission networks, treatment plant from relevant pumping stations
C: Implementation of networks related to urban water distribution
D: Implementation of wastewater collection, transfer and treatment projects

E: Implementation of water supply and transfer projects according to Note (3) of Article (1) of the above law
F: Investing and participating in institutions and companies that are related to the goals and tasks of the company in order to improve the quality and quantity of the company's activities.
G: Carrying out research and educational affairs in line with the company's goals and in coordination with the planning of the country's water and wastewater engineering company
H: Formation of new companies based on Note (2) of Article (1) of the above law.

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