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Deputy of Human Resources and Research

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Name and surname:jahanghir shafieyan
position: Deputy of Human Resources and Research
Father's name:mirza Hossein
Place of birth: Khorramabad
Phone: 06633300669
Fax: 06633200669
Internal: 208
Work address: Khorramabad - Bahman Square - Valiasr St. - North Shahid Shafipour Boulevard - next to the Municipal Cooperation Organization

Educational background

University name Field of Study degree of education Row
Borujerd Azad University governmental management Master's degree 1
Borujerd Azad University governmental management Masters 2

work experience

Up to date from Service location Position Row
continues 1401/12/01 Water and sewage of Lorestan Vice President of Human Resources and Research 1
1398/12/30 1388/5/1 Rural water and sewage in Lorestan Head of the Department of Human Resources Development and Education 2
1388/4/31 1377/1/1 Rural water and sewage in Lorestan Head of Administrative Affairs Department (Human Resources) 3
1401/11/30 1399/1/1 Lorestan water and sewage Head of the reception and sales department 4

Experimental records and training course

course title Row
The effectiveness of evaluation of training courses 1
Administrative and usage laws and regulations 2
Familiarity with laws and regulations 3
Basic level one management 4
Getting to know the twenty-level payment system 5
Familiarity with the new system of government employees 6
Job classification scheme 7
public Management 8
Getting to know the comprehensive system of employee training 9
Applied rules (1) 10
Improving human resource management behavior 11
Getting to know the civil service management law 12
In-service training planning for employees 13
Acquaintance with the training system of government employees 14
Social economic development planning 15
The basics of employee behavior in the organization 16
Familiarity with the formation of duties and authority 17
Acquaintance with educational financial administrative regulations 18
Getting to know the administrative transformation system 19
Effective training course and its evaluation 20
Administrative health 21
Compulsive social individual ethics 22
Principles and concepts of organization 23
Process management and concepts of process orientation 24
Pathology of education 25
Transformation and innovation 26
Effective communication skills 27
Decision making techniques 28
Crisis management in clearing houses 29
ISO 9001:2008 30
Justifiable awareness - protection of one 31
Familiarity with job classification scheme 32
Application of epidemiological statistics 33
Human resource management (labour department) 34
Research Methodology 35
Getting to know the law of general calculations 36
Problem solving methods 37
Productivity management 38
systems and methods 39
Value Engineering 40
Method of responding to clients 41
Economic evaluation of projects 42
Organization Performance Assessment 43
Basics of document management 44
Evaluation of the proposal system 45
National security one 46
Skill training in the implementation of job-creating processes 47
Getting to know the basics of water and sewage industry 48
Familiarity with employment interview techniques 49
Employment laws and regulations 50
Familiarity with financial and educational administrative regulations 51
Organizational excellence model evaluation training 52
Getting to know the requirements of the 1002 standard 53
Administrative analysis 54
Statistics and its use in management 55
Productivity management 56
systems and methods 57
Measurement of customer satisfaction 58
Principles of archiving and classification of documents 59
Application of quality control charts 60
Skill training in the implementation of the processes of the vocational education system  61
Familiarity with physical asset management and ISO 55000 standard 62
Familiarity with physical asset management and maintenance and repairs and reliability engineering 63

Membership in committees or working groups

Title of committee or working group Row
Secretary of the executive committee of the adjustment of the situation 1
Secretary of the Management Development Commission 2
Secretary of Outsourcing Committee 3
Member of the company's asset management steering committee 4
Member of the structure and payment system working group of the country's water and sewage engineering company 5
An expert member in management issues and affairs of the Health Transformation and Promotion Commission 6
Member of the specialized working group of the occupational-organizational training system in the country's water and sewage industry 7
Representative of engineering company in skill test committees (interview) 8
Chairman of the youth working group of the population 9
Chairman of the Management Structure and Technologies Committee 10
Secretary and member of the Management Development Commission 11
Head of the operation group 12
Head of the company's human capital committee 13
Member of the administrative health and protection of people's rights committee 14
Member of the company's research committee 15
Member of job classification and evaluation committee 16
Member of performance management committee 17
Chairman of the Knowledge Management Committee 18
Member of the executive committee and self-evaluation of organizational excellence 19
Secretary and member of the company's treatment committee 20
Secretary and member of the statistics committee for documenting and modifying processes and executive methods 21
Secretary and member of the proposal acceptance and review committee 22
Member of the company's consumption optimization management committee 23
Non-active defense committee member 24
Secretary and member of the human capital development working group 25
Member and secretary of the steering committee for developing the operational and strategic plan of the company 26
Member of the structure and management technologies committee 27
Member of the company's management development commission 28
Secretary and member of performance evaluation management committee 29
Member of the headquarters of protection of public security and civil rights 30
Secretary of Outsourcing Committee 31
Secretary of the executive committee of the adjustment of the situation 32

Areas under supervision

Phone Internal Side first name and last name
33225805-33225804 218 Director of the Office of Information Technology and Electronic Government Development ehsan ahmadi
33234599   Director of the Office of Management Development and Research rezvan barmeziyar
33225805-33225804 231 Director of the Office of Personnel Affairs and Welfare

amin momeni

33225805-33225804 265 Director of the Office of Human Resources Education Ashraf Rahman Shahi



  1. Re1.gistration and updating of the database of service sector employees
  2. Planning for training and empowerment of official and service staff
  3. Supervising the implementation of job classification in service companies
  4. Supervise the issuance of personnel judgments
  5. Preparation and regulation of detailed general organization and supervision of its implementation
  6. Planning and needs assessment of human and educational manpower in order to attract and transfer and upgrade the scientific level of employees and increase productivity
  7. Carrying out matters related to the job classification and evaluation plan and the payment system and supervising the implementation of the evaluation system of the staff and units of the deputy
  8. Investigating the financial capacities, executive and personnel facilities in order to perform the necessary priorities in formulating the company's programs.
  9. Monitoring the registration and updating of the HRS system
  10. Supervision, Estimation and Retirement Services of Employees Planning and supervision of insurance services of employees
  11. Planning and monitoring sports and staff health
  12. Performing the duties and responsibilities of the Secretariat of the Organizing and Job Classification Committee


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