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Organizational policy

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Policy of Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company
 With the help of Hazrat Haq's attention, Lorestan Water and Sewerage Company is determined in the framework of the description of its duties determined according to the law of formation of water and sewage companies and the legal rules and regulations to be communicated by making optimal use of all available resources, with quality. Provide the most economical services possible as follows:

1.Extraction, production and distribution of drinking water with appropriate quality.

2- Collection, treatment and sanitary disposal of municipal wastewater
3- Targeting all system activities in order to satisfy customers
4- Observance of legal requirements and other requirements related to environmental aspects and occupational safety and health risks
5- Efforts to meet the legal requirements, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of quality management systems, occupational safety and health and the environment
6- Prevention of environmental pollution, injuries and occupational diseases
7- Quality development of human resources of the organization as the most important and main assets of the company by increasing the level of skill and capability of employees
8- Do you want to go or not?
9- Management based on comprehensive planning and control and monitoring by measuring quantitative, qualitative and global indicators
10- Development and improvement of wastewater collection and treatment systems and wastewater recycling with quality appropriate to the type of consumption
11- Developing and implementing a comprehensive system for exploitation and quantitative and qualitative monitoring of drinking water and establishing wastewater collection and treatment facilities in cities in order to prevent pollutants from entering water resources and the environment.
12. Establish an efficient passive defense structure to reduce potential risks and crisis management
13- Reviewing, improving and upgrading supply and demand management in implementing optimal drinking water consumption patterns
14. Improving customer satisfaction by improving accountability structures and staff empowerment and reducing costs
15- Attracting investors in order to provide, equip and diversify financial resources with emphasis on non-governmental resources and attracting domestic and foreign capital
16- Improving, upgrading and developing the system of recruitment, empowerment and maintenance and evaluating the performance of human resources in order to increase productivity
17- Promoting the general culture of consumption in order to define and implement the optimal pattern of water consumption and management, implementing the Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the standard of water and sewage facilities of all places and also the operation of water separation in residential complexes
18- Organizing the organization and cohesion of the organizational structure in accordance with the mission and vision

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