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Deputy Minister of Finance and Support

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Name and surname: Behrooz Robati
Position: Deputy Minister of Finance and Support
Father's name: Mohammad Ali
Place of birth: Khorramabad
Phone: 066333009997
Fax: 06633215764
Internal: 222
Work address: Khorramabad - 4 Bahman Square - Valiasr St. - North Shahid Shafipour Boulevard - next to the Municipal Cooperation Organization

Educational background

University name Field of Study degree of education Row
Shahid Rafipour High School Environmental Health Diploma 1
Azad University of Tehran - Lorestan Accounting Bachelor 2
Azad University of Tehran - Lorestan Accounting MA 3

work experience

Up to date from Service location Position Row
1375 1373 Super Poor Savand Electronic Company Tehran accounting manager 1
1376 1375 Tehran Fajr Trading Group Head of General Accounting 2
1379 1376 ABFA Company Industrial Accountant 3
1379 1376 ABFA Company Responsible for cost accounting 4
1380 1379 ABFA Company Head of General Accounting 5
1386 1380 ABFA Company Financial Affairs Manager 6
1391 1386 ABFA Company Deputy Minister of Finance and Support 7
1395 1391 ABFA Company Head of Audit and Financial Supervision Group 8
1397 1395 ABFA Company Financial Advisor to the CEO 9
yet 1397 ABFA Company Deputy Minister of Finance and Support 10

Experimental records and training course

course title Row
Financial management for financial managers 1
Financial rules and regulations 2
Accounting guidelines 3
Familiarity with the basics, concepts, requirements and documentation of ISO 9000 4
Training to explain the growth plan and promotion of managers 5
Writing skills 6
ISO 2001 - 2000 8
public Management 9
Fundamentals of Economics 10
User rules 11
New perspectives in financial management 2 12
General Accounting Law 13
The first conference of financial advisors 14
The Second Conference of Financial Management Consultants 15
Islamic Thoughts in Management 16
Classification and regulations and instructions 17
Seventh International Management Conference 18
Human resource development management 19
Third International Conference of Financial Advisers and Managers 20
Special rights of managers, special violations and crimes of employees 21
Special rights of managers, special violations and crimes of employees 22
operational budgeting 23
Tax Accounting Code 110 24
Analysis of the requirements of the quality management system based on the ISO 9001-9000 standard 25
Financial Statement Analysis 26
Energy Conference 27
Capital management course for water and wastewater experts 28
Fourth International Conference of Accountants and Financial Managers 29

Membership in committees or working groups

Title of committee or working group Row
Committee for Technical Protection and Occupational Health 1
Pact Committee 2
Employment Status Conversion Committee 3
Outsourcing Committee 4
Proposals System Committee 5
GIS Non-Revenue Water Committee 6
Job Classification and Evaluation Committee 7
Planning and Human Resources Committee 8
Education Committee 9
Evaluation Committee 10
Consumption Pattern Reform Committee 11
Company Real Estate Committee 12
Performance Management Committee 13
Islamic Labor Council 14
Treatment Council 15

Areas under supervision

name position Internal Phone
Bijan Kamyab Warehouse Manager 203 33225804-33225805
ali fazeli Head of commercial affairs 210 33225804-33225805
ali karam elahi Manager of support affairs   33208314
ahmad zalaghi Financial Affairs Manager 204 33225804-33225805


  1. Adjust the executive action plan of the relevant unit according to the determined policy.
  2. Organizing, planning, controlling, coordinating and dividing work in the unit under supervision.
  3. Cooperation in preparing and regulating the company's financial and economic policies and policies based on management approvals.
  4. Cooperation in preparing and arranging the necessary instructions and directives for the implementation of the company's financial regulations and plans.
  5. Planning and preparing comprehensive plans to make the necessary changes in the operating methods of finance and their compliance with the resulting changes in the internal and external constraints of the company.
  6. Planning and preparing important financial plans to reduce costs along with financing and Economic limit of funds.
  7. Investigating the possibilities and implementation limitations of new projects and projects from the economic, financial, ‌ profitability point of view and Prepare the necessary explanatory report in this regard and submit it to the superior.
  8. Final control of all financial documents to ensure the accuracy of the contentsAnd their compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.
  9. Supervision and cooperation in timely preparation and adjustment of various financial reports, balance sheet and financial balance sheets required by the company.
  10. Supervision and follow-up on determining the cost price of the company's services.
  11. Supervise the implementation and observance of domestic regulations and financial laws in the registration and issuance of financial documents.
  12. Carrying out economic and financial studies in order to estimate the executive costs of the company's capital projects.
  13. Reviewing and commenting on contracts concluded with customers and contractors in terms of compliance with financial laws and board approvals.
  14. Supervision and follow-up on the receipt of current and arrears of the company by the relevant parties.
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